Monday, October 31, 2016

Liesl's birthday party

Liesl's birthday party was on Sunday afternoon at our house. It was epic. There were last-minute shopping trips, last-minute decorations (hand-drawn bats, spider webs, Steve-the-mummy), an array of fun games, two scavenger hunts, five small children, and a lot of running, happy screaming, laughing, cake, and treats.
The children arrived at 1 for the festivities: Nora, Ryan, Campbell, and Camille. Sadly, Diya was too sick with a fever to come. Sebastian was at a soccer game and arrived mid-party.  First game: pin the face on the pumpkin!!
 We really spun Camille around good. :)  She's such a good sport - laughed and kept trying.
Next up: find the skeleton's bones!! We hid them all over the house and the children raced around locating the skull, femur, ribcage, etc.
sweet Nora and a foot bone. 
Drop the ghost into the mason jar! The ghosts were tissue-wrapped blow pops, so the children were extremely motivated to get them into the jar and earn the prize.
Balloon races! Try to make it across the living room with a balloon squeezed between your knees! They first tried waddling, but soon discovered that hopping was much more successful.

Throw popcorn across the table into your friend's cup!! Or... just eat it. They laughed hysterically at being encouraged to throw food around.
This was a little more complicated, and they were only partially willing to participate. Steve was the mummy, and they were supposed to wrap him in tissue paper, but stay out of arm's reach or risk being captured. If they wrapped him up, then they could spray him with silly string.
Look at those half-serious, half-laughing screams of terror. So funny.
We needed to calm everyone down a little after that ridiculousness. Plus, there was silly string EVERYWHERE that needed to be cleaned up. So we set them up with mini-pumpkins and markers and they got all cozy on the kitchen floor.
Mysteriously, while they were happily drawing on pumpkins, a jealous troll came along and stole all of the birthday presents. They were in charge of following the clues to find the missing presents.
Found them in the bathtub!!!
Then we moved on to the real deal: snacks and cake....
and presents, of course.
And finally, some gummy worms for the best bird interpretation. Everyone won! The girls had their final soccer practice at 4, so we had to get them all changed into soccer gear and over to the field. There was a lot of giggling, I heard reports of mooning, and it took 40 minutes, but we made it there.
Liesl was so happy with her party. She loved the treasure hunt for presents and the pin-the-face on the pumpkin game, and the cake and candy. At the end of the day, her only sadness was that it was over, for another whole year. She couldn't believe it. I so treasure seeing the sweetness of childhood, when a year takes forever and anticipation is whole-hearted, without any of the hedging or skepticism of adulthood.