Monday, June 28, 2010

Soso and Bastian

We went to the pool with the Karyos twice in the last week - the first time, I tried to convince Sebastian to a) put on a swim diaper; b) put on swim trunks; c) get in the pool. The first two were sufficiently traumatic, and led to such tears and upset, that the third was impossible. So I put him in his regular diaper and shorts, and he then consented to dip a toe in.

The second time was much more successful. I didn't even try to make him change clothes. Rachel very astutely led Sonya to the opposite side of the kiddie wading pool, and it only took a few minutes for Sebastian to decide that he just had to go join his lady love. So he waded in, giggled about how cold it was around his private parts, and then took off to see what Sonya was doing. They splashed, they jumped into the water, they investigated the fountain, they kicked their legs... a total success. I know there's no way he would have done it without Sonya there to show him how.

After a long time in the water, we took them out to run around the playground. First they hid in the pirate's ship, firmly insisting that we both (both mamas) go away. Then they ran away from us, up the hill to the tennis courts, where they clambered into side-by-side chairs and commenced to watch a doubles match, chattering away to each other.

Other vignettes from Sonya and Sebastian's play:

Sonya to Sebastian, "Bastian, come here!"
Bastian to Soso, "One minute, Sonya!"
It cracked us all up.

Leaving the farmer's market a few weeks ago, Sebastian started to give Sonya goodbye kisses and then didn't want to stop. Many kisses later, Sonya's papa dragged her away. :)

They spent probably close to an hour in the Karyo's backyard, carrying rocks up the hill and then climbing back down to get more, totally independent, carrying on a conversation with each other the whole time. (About what, who knows?)

Out of the blue one morning: "I want to go on an adventure with Sonya."

It's so delightful that they enjoy each other's company so much, and play so nicely and cooperatively together. And it's been amazing to watch the development of their ability to independently play and communicate, without any intervention from us.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

future frisbee star

Steve may think our boy is going to become a soccer player, but I look at these photos and see my future Ultimate Frisbee star. He's fast, he loves to run, and he's been throwing since he was 2. And he's been sitting on the sidelines and watching his mommy play a frisbee game every Saturday morning, so he knows what to do out there... (well, except I had to quit with the advent of the second trimester of this pregnancy. But I can't wait to return next spring!). Look at that form! I'm so proud.
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becoming a big boy

Sebastian has recently decided that he's a big boy, for which I thank my dad. Apparently during the two evenings that my mom and dad looked after our boy and put him to bed, the idea of being a big boy arose and was strongly encouraged by Grandpa. So Sebastian now talks about how he's big and about who else is big (Dani and Silas come up a lot) and about the various things he can do because he's big. Chief among these is that big boys sleep by themselves, in their own big boy beds, and don't need mommy or daddy.

This is basically a minor miracle. Since my mom and dad were here, he has not needed us to lie down next to him at bedtime, and has only woken up once per night (or not at all!) asking for our company. And even then, I visit him briefly and he isn't panicky or distraught that he is in his bed on his own. He just snuggles back in and goes back to sleep. It's amazing. It's life-changing.

Now, if only my mom and dad's strong encouragement of the potty had been as successful...

Monday, June 21, 2010

telling Sebastian about the baby

We told Sebastian about the new baby the other day. We said, "There's a baby in mommy's belly. Isn't that exciting!? You're going to be a big brother!". He looked at us, and then said, "Okay, you get the yellow school bus, and I'll get the green bus...".

I assumed that it hadn't registered, and that was fine. Steve thought he saw a flicker of comprehension. But we figured we'd try again later.

The next day, when I picked Sebastian up from daycare, the head teacher Amanda said to me, "Congratulations! Sebastian told us your happy news!" I was flabbergasted. Amanda reported that Sebastian came up to her and said "My mommy has a baby in her belly. I'm going to be a big brother."

Amazing! Further proof that we need to be careful what we say around the boy. Little pitchers have big ears, and all that...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bastian and Dani, part 4

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a whirlwind month of visits

We have had a wonderful, busy month of family, visits, and trips. It's been terrific, and exciting for Sebastian. Of course, the planned events also coincided with a fairly busy time at work (graduation, review of grades, prepping for summer advising), so I have about 6 unfinished blog posts languishing in my drafts folder.

Over Memorial Day weekend, we headed up to Charlemont, Mass, for my Grammy's 90th birthday party. Almost the entire extended Avery family was able to join in the festivities, which was so fun. It was great to see all of my cousins and their spouses and the next generation (now numbering five, with two on the way!). Carl, Kim, and Danica flew in from California, and Bastian and Dani got to play together for days. We have many many cute pictures of the two of them hanging out - their fourth time having a vacation together.

After that visit, we came back home to work, and then my Mom and Dad arrived shortly after to spend the next week with us. My friends Rachel and Gui generously offered them a place to stay right here in town, which was lovely and convenient. We went on adventures with Popo and Grampa (aka Bompy) to Roosevelt Park, Nyack Beach State Park, and Storm King sculpture park. I've posted some of their photos online.

And then we wrapped up the visit with a trip to Boston. I had to conduct a summer advising session for incoming first year students on Monday evening, but we went up early in order to see my old friend Britta and her family - Sam, Alden (4), and Ilan (1). Alden was incredibly sweet and generous and enthusiastic about playing with Seb, and after a few minutes of shyness Sebastian was fascinated. He chased Alden around the playground, taking ladders and slides that my normally cautious boy would never attempt, and the two of them happily played in Alden's room with trucks and trains for a long time. It's so much fun to see Sebastian learning from older kids - Dani, Alden, cousin Silas.

My mom and dad hopped a train to Georgia on Wednesday morning, and will fly home from there. It was a great few weeks.