Tuesday, February 23, 2010


We managed to capture Sebastian reading a book by himself on video. It's been extremely hard to take photos and videos lately - as soon as he sees the camera, he stops whatever he's doing and comes to see the picture. In this case, we were trying to encourage quiet time - he woke up after only napping for an hour, and Steve was trying to keep him in his crib for another 30 minutes. Steve set up the camera on the dresser in Seb's room, and then left.

There's some crazy climbing (who knew!) before our boy settles down to the real business of reading his book (at minute 2:30, if you want to skip ahead). The book is about a boy and a younger girl who are waiting at the school bus stop. The girl keeps asking "Is that the bus?" and the boy keeps answering "No, that's a taxi/tow truck/ice cream truck/fire engine/garbage truck." Until finally, of course, the school bus arrives. So wait for it...

Reading! from B. Avery on Vimeo.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Monday, February 15, 2010

the cute phrase phase

It's been so long since I blogged! Argh!

There are a couple of reasons. We haven't taken any photos since our return from Phoenix, partly because it's been January, and kind of blah, and partly because Sebastian now knows and recognizes the camera, and will not continue to play/speak/be cute when the camera is pointed in his direction. He just wants to see the picture, and manhandle the camera, and really no photo-taking happens. And in addition, work has been pretty busy for me, so I haven't had the usual free moments to blog in the office.

We have, happily, entered the extremely cute phrase phase of childhood. Sebastian mimics us, and invents things, and comes up with words that we didn't know he knew, and amazes us with his correct use of prepositions and plurals and pronouns. We are easily amazed, it's true, and we are suckers for our boy. But for my own future self, here are this month's fun phrases:

"I so cute!" (This is clearly something I say to him too often.)
While fingering a coat in my closet: "That's a nice blue."
"Have a nice day!" (He doesn't say this to us - he says it to vehicles, for the most part.)
Avi Coffee - this is Sebastian's nickname for Avi, who owns the Hastings Station coffee shop.
"We go on abenture" - on weekends, when we're all going out as a family, we talk excitedly about the adventure, and Sebastian has adopted it.
"Don't miss the turn!" - he often asks to go visit the trains, or go through the tunnel in Irvington - I used to ignore the request and then say I'd missed the turn. So now he starts reminding me very early to not miss the turn!
"I know!" (With a tone of happy, and fake, surprise.)

And in a different category - the mispronunciation file - when Sebastian says "kitchen" it sounds more like "chicken", and diaper is something like "butder".

He came home from daycare two weeks ago and suddenly broke out into the Happy Birthday song. (Completely without tune - he's obviously inherited our tone-deafness.) I was really surprised. I asked at daycare the next day and no one has celebrated a birthday for weeks, so I'm not sure what led to the sudden outburst of song. He's since followed that up with Jingle Bells. :)