Sunday, August 26, 2012

End of summer

Reading to her babies
Hanging out at Scenic Hudson
In front of our first apartment, in Astoria
Ice cream sandwich! Yum!
Look at that lovely mess

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Seattle and Portland: vacation!

We are just back in New York after a Mah family reunion in Seattle and a family vacation in Portland. It was a terrific two weeks away, and while I am not feeling particularly well rested, I do feel rejuvenated.  In Seattle, we went up the Space Needle, rode the monorail, toured the underground, visited the Chihuly Glass museum, the zoo, the science center, and the arboretum, watched a community parade in our Magnolia neighborhood, and ate a ton of good food, from Pike's market and other places.  And we got to see all the Mahs. Sebastian loved getting to know all of his cousins.

In Portland, we visited the Rose Garden and Japanese Garden, shopped on 23rd Ave and on Hawthorne, bought books at Powells, rode the lightrail, the streetcars, and the gondola, walked along the waterfalls in the Columbia River Gorge, and hiked up to Mirror Lake in the shadow of Mt. Hood.  Oh, and ate a ton of good food - from food carts and bakeries, and restaurants galore.

Pictures below.

Jumping with Bompy a few minutes after our arrival.
Both children, but Liesl in particular, loved the Seattle monorail.
the pig at Pike's market

I love Roxy's bling.
Seattle underground tour with the whole Mah family
There was a community festival going on near our rental house in Magnolia, with a terrific parade, bouncy castle rides, and pony rides.  Liesl astonished us by demanding to go on the pony ride and following through with it. It was terrific.
The Mah family does Seattle!
Avery/Raab/Lees, August 2012

at the Seattle zoo

Mah cousins/second cousins
Grandpa feeding Liesl some ice cream.

Investigating the roses at the Portland Rose garden

Marching down the path at the Japanese Garden

Seb reading to Liesl
At Multnomah Falls in Oregon

hiking in the Columbia River gorge

hike up to Mirror Lake, with Mt Hood in the distance

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

sick boy

Sebastian was sick for a few weeks this summer - unusually for him. He's always been so incredibly healthy, and despite going to daycare every day, he never got all of the fevers, ear infections, rashes, and viruses that are so common in the under-5 set.  And then this summer he managed to catch all kinds of things - a stomach bug in May that caused him to vomit for the first time ever; the coxsackie virus that caused a fever and nasty rashes; the Fifth parvovirus that caused fatigue and a flushed face for days; pinkeye, requiring drops three times a day for ten days (ugh), and a lingering bronchial cough.  It was as if he was trying to make up for lost time, or else get everything out of the way before kindergarten. At any rate, he came into work with me a few times while sick, and had a grand time. He drove his cars all around the office hallways, developed a total crush on my co-worker Josh, enjoyed having lunch out with mommy, and napped in a chair in the corner of my office. It was kind of sweet to have him around.