Wednesday, February 27, 2008

miscellaneous updates

Sebastian has discovered some new sounds: squeaks and squeals, at an incredibly high pitch and often painfully loud volume. He conveys both happiness and displeasure with pretty much the same squeal. We far preferred the vowelly coos and oohs. Still no consonants. :)

He's been changing in other ways too - he used to love the mobile that hangs over his crib, cooing and smiling at it for 20 minutes at a time. It was terrific when we wanted to make dinner or eat a meal together. Sadly, it no longer seems to do the trick. After a mere 2 minutes, he starts to loudly vocalize his boredom (see above). We're still casting around for the next thing that can hold his attention for 15 minutes without our active participation.

He's getting better and better at hand-eye coordination, which of course means that he's started grabbing all sorts of things. My hair is a particular favorite, but tshirts are a close second. He's pretty strong, too, so when he grabs part of your skin under the shirt it can really hurt. His neck is very strong and his head increasingly stable, so we've been working a lot on sitting. He likes to sit up with my assistance, but after a brief honeymoon period he has rejected the BebePod chair that cousin Danica so loved. Perhaps he'll like it better in another week or so - I've put it away in the meantime as it triggered violent twisting fits (and screeches, of course).

I wish I could report that he's becoming a better sleeper as well, but no. It's very strange, as both Steve and I are extremely sound, good sleepers - we so hoped that that was genetically inheritable. Sebastian never seems to last all that long before startling himself awake, and then he requires help to get back to sleep. So our nights are interrupted every hour or two (or occasionally three) with one of us getting up to soothe the baby. I've taken to going to bed at 9 pm every night in an effort to get enough hours of sleep.

Saturday, February 23, 2008


It finally snowed here - we've had nothing but rain all winter - and so we took Sebastian out to introduce him to the white stuff. He was underwhelmed, sleeping through most of our tromp through the woods. But it was a great day nonetheless. I've posted some pictures.
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Saturday, February 16, 2008

schedules etc

Sebastian has started to find a schedule for himself - eating and napping at somewhat regular intervals every day. It's made things less stressful for me, since when he starts to cry I have a better idea what he wants. And of course it's easier to take him out places when I know what to expect. He is also mostly staying in his crib between 9 pm and 7 am - he wakes occasionally and needs to be fed or comforted or changed, but he has clearly developed an idea of extended nighttime sleeping.

I've joined a mommy-and-baby group in Hastings, the town just south of us. There are 7 of us, and we meet every week to talk about stuff - our babies range from 7 weeks to 13 weeks, so we're all in the thick of the same things. It's amazing to see how much more alert and interested Sebastian is than those younger babies - it just reminds me that he is changing incredibly quickly, and learning so much.

He loves standing up (obviously with a lot of support). I've been trying to help him work on sitting by propping him up with pillows - he's still very prone to falling forward. When we put him on his tummy he still flails his arms and legs like mad - especially his legs. He really really wants to crawl, he just hasn't figured out the mechanics yet.

We've posted a few February pictures.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

fun with plastic

Sebastian is learning how to use his hands! (I guess you could say he's learning that he has hands.) We've discovered that he loves grabbing crinkly plastic bags. We've taken a couple of very short clips, the first of which is below, and the second of which you can see by clicking on the "Sebastian videos" link to the right.

Plastic Bag from Brianna Avery on Vimeo.