Saturday, August 13, 2016

Crescent Lake

On Friday morning we drove to Crescent Lake for some swimming and kayaking fun. On the way, we stopped to hike a short distance to Merrymere Falls. The falls were fine (I'm spoiled by our local waterfalls) but the trail was gorgeous.
Crescent Lake was huge and swimmable - warmish, even, by the standards of PNW swimming holes. We swam and splashed and rented two kayaks and a canoe to take ourselves out onto the water. Sebastian loved kayaking - a real surprise, as he has mostly been anti-boats and anti-water play for much of his life. But after our hour-long rental ended he pleaded to go out for another hour! So we did, and it was great.

I gathered my courage in the late afternoon - 3 pm, when the air and water are their warmest - and asked the girls to drag me in for a dunking and splash fest. 

And then we hurried to the pier for a dry off and warm up dance party - much amusement ensued.

Friday, August 12, 2016

house at Lake Dawn

After our Victoria trip, we took the ferry across to Port Angeles and met up with the Hoangs - we rented a house right on the edge of Olympic National Park for three days. It was a great short vacation together.
We went out for an evening stroll on our first night and found the road quite literally hopping with tiny frogs. We caught a few - failed in our attempts at photographing the catches - and then walked very carefully and gingerly back to our funky half-house.
See the frog? No? Darn it.
Aha! Caught one both in hand and on camera!
The slanted left wall of our cute house.
Making birthday beignets.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Island View regional beach

On Tuesday we went to Island View regional park, near to our rental house, to play in the sand and water. It was a bit cold for swimming - even Liesl stayed out of it - but the sand was fine and the children very happy.

Sebastian's first digging project was a long ditch. Careful and concentrated effort required!
Danica, with help from Carl and some small seaweed assistance from Liesl, constructed a seawall fortress out of sticks, rocks, and seaweed mortar. 

Liesl and I explored down the beach a ways, discovering these huge driftwood forts and tepees and structures all along. They were so cool - perfect for playing inside and climbing on top of.
Kim started collecting cool-looking shells and rocks, inspiring Liesl and Roxy to 'curate' their own collections.

Sebastian's second project was in collaboration with Carl - to construct a hill and then a chute for his baseball to roll down.