Sunday, June 17, 2018

Beaverton 4v4 soccer

Sebastian and his LYS teammates played in the Beaverton Cup 4v4 soccer tournament this weekend - two games on Saturday and two on Sunday. The boys started off a little slow and they were down 3 goals early in the first half, but then came alive (with the help of the orange soccer ball in the photo, nicknamed 'the ball of redemption' by Errol) and came back to win 9-7. They won Saturday's second game easily, as well as their first game on Sunday.
Sebastian, Kellen, Errol, Cason, Charlie, Peyton

Coach John showing them some new strategies for field spacing between the games.

They played in the championship game on Sunday at 12:30 - it was their toughest match, both because the opponent was pretty good and because it was really hot and sunny - but they won 2-1 to take the gold medal for their age division. Big smiles all around (and the ball of redemption, still in the lineup).

Patient Liesl, post-rehearsal and pre-show, reading in the grass.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018


We marked the beginning of summer vacation with a bike ride and picnic on the Fanno Creek trail (about 7 miles round trip; I roller-bladed and Jasper ran alongside). We stopped at the numerous parks and playgrounds along the route to swing, monkey-bar, play baseball, and have a picnic lunch. It was Liesl's idea and I thought it was a really sweet plan - 
After biking, we went to pick up some soccer gear at the Far Post and then stopped by Blue Star donuts; it's not summer if there aren't donuts.
We came home and everyone curled up with their books to chill out for a few hours in the heat of the afternoon. And then Sebastian went off to soccer practice and we wandered over to the school - Liesl found friends, Jasper found his brother, and I found various mama friends to talk to. It was a gorgeous evening.

Monday, June 11, 2018

birthday parties

Both kids were invited to special birthday parties this weekend - for Liesl, it was Ryder's birthday party on Sunday afternoon. We dropped her off at his house early, and they got to ride to the party together; apparently Ryder had Liesl's name iced into the border on his birthday cake and they were inseparable throughout. :)

Sebastian went to Frances' birthday party - bowling, laser tag, video games, and a sleepover - his first sleepover, so he was a bit nervous, but it went really well. They had an amazing time and he was so happy to be hanging out with Frances, Wyatt, and Nathan. They didn't sleep, of course -- "sleepover" being the biggest misnomer -- but I was informed that that was the whole point.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

FPE summer Olympics

One of the school fundraising auction events is a Summer Olympics - the lucky kids get assigned to a country/team, they parade around the track waving their flag, and then compete in various fun events. There are obstacle races and water balloon races and a tug-of-war and balloon popping and sack races etc etc. SO MUCH FUN. I'm kind of jealous and wish there were things like this for adults. Both Sebastian and Liesl got to participate this year and they had a great time.

Friday, June 8, 2018

last day of school!

Today was the last day of school for Sebastian and Liesl - fourth and first grades in the books!
It was a great year for both children - lots of sweet friendships and fun activities, good teachers - but everyone is happy that summer is here. We went to the library after school to properly kick off our summer with a bag o' books and the summer reading program (although we were amused/shocked to discover that the goal is to read for five hours... five. All summer long. Both kids will meet that before Sunday afternoon.)

Thursday, June 7, 2018

all I want for summer...

 is my two front teeth.... so I can eat some watermelon and corn and burgers!!
Liesl had two very loose teeth. She lost one - sadly, it got swallowed along with water at bedtime, and we had to write a special note to the tooth fairy. And then the other one got very loose (quite literally dangling one morning) and she held onto it long enough to lose it at school. When you lose a tooth during the school day, you get to go to the office and get a special plastic tooth holder that is shaped like a mouse. It's quite the prize and Liesl was set on earning it.

She put the tooth under her pillow, but when she woke up in the morning, it was still there! We were so surprised. But then we realized that daddy had been up until 4 am working, and so probably the tooth fairy had peeked in and decided to return when the house was dark and quiet. Fortunately, she came the next day and brought the awaited money. Phew!

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

field day!

Wednesday was Field Day at the school - so much fun! I watched both the kids run and play with their friends and was happy to see them so engaged and active and joyous.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Banks baseball tournament

Sebastian's all-star baseball team played in a tournament over the weekend in Banks, OR. It's a small town about 30 minutes west of here, and they had organized a 7 team Midget Federal tournament. Our team played two games on Saturday evening: they won one and lost one. Sebastian played mostly shortstop and did well - at the plate, he hit a triple, hit a single that scored an RBI, then grounded out at first - so he was making contact.

They played a single-elimination playoff game on Sunday afternoon and won, and thus got to play in the championship game against the Banks hometown team that evening. The boys started off strong in the championship game, scoring 5 runs in the first inning and 3 in the second, and were leading easily. But then Banks brought in a pitcher that our boys simply couldn't hit - he struck everyone out - yet they held onto the lead until the final inning, when they let in four runs and lost. Sebastian pitched two innings - the first was outstanding, the second was great through two outs, and then nerves struck and he got a little wild, and was replaced. He also had a tough game at first base with a couple of errors, although he was not alone in losing his focus and skills at the end of the game.

It was a lot of baseball over two days, with inadequate rest and food (pizza and snacks for dinner and lunch and dinner) in between, and the town was hot and dusty and full of pollen/grass (I could barely breathe, and my eyes were puffy). So we came in second and the boys were momentarily sad at the tough loss, but it was still a decent showing and we were proud of them.