Wednesday, May 12, 2010

playing fetch with Holly

Holly! (the miracle dog) from B. Avery on Vimeo.

Sebastian has been extremely frightened of dogs for some time. He will not walk by them on the trail (this can really be a problem, as there are a lot of dogs being walked on the trail), and becomes hysterical if a dog approaches him. On Mother's Day, however, we spent the morning with Grandma and Grandpa Raab, who were dogsitting Mary and Joe's puppy, Holly.

Seb has always show Holly more tolerance than most dogs - she's small, and doesn't bark, and doesn't jump up on him - but he actually learned to play with her on Sunday. We showed Sebastian how much Holly likes to play fetch with a ball, and he really got into it, throwing the ball for Holly over and over, and letting her come right up to him. Holly was extremely patient with Seb and the two had a grand time.

I imagine it's scenes like these that lead to the adoption/purchase of small dogs for small boys... Sebastian can't stop talking about Holly and playing fetch.

duckie in the rain

splashing in the rain from B. Avery on Vimeo.

Watch for the moment when he says "quack quack" like a duckie. :)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

new photos

These are not actually new photos - they're mostly from February and March - but I finally got around to culling the digital masses and uploading them.

But better late than never - Winter adventures in our Picasa album.