Tuesday, November 25, 2008

1-year checkup

We took Sebastian to see Dr. Jane today, for his 1-year checkup. He is perfectly fine, doing everything he ought (with the possible exception of pointing), and is now cleared to eat pretty much anything.

His height is 31 inches and his weight is 21 lbs 6 oz. (At his 10-month checkup, they measured him at 32 inches tall, so he's either shrinking or the previous measurement was off). He's still our tall and skinny beanpole.

Sadly, the doctor's visit ended with the usual round of shots (MMR, flu, HIB), so he may be a bit fussy tomorrow if his arms are sore. Poor little man.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

new games

Another new video (after a 5-month drought, I am suddenly a videotaping fiend). I bought this toy for Sebastian and it has been amazing to watch him figure it out. He's also started to get the idea of the stacking rings toy that we have. So cool to watch his little brain whirring and his fingers struggling to obey its commands.

He is also managing what may be his first word: uh-oh. He's a bit tentative on the oh part of things, so it's more like UH...oh. He's been saying it all the time, sometimes appropriately (when he drops something) and sometimes not (when he throws food).

Marble game from Brianna Avery on Vimeo.

Friday, November 14, 2008


first steps (Nov. 14) from Brianna Avery on Vimeo.

It's official: we have a toddler!

Not only did Sebastian turn one this week, but he's finally letting go and taking some steps on his own! This morning he was so excited about his new abilities - he kept standing up and walking a few steps, bumping down to the ground, and then doing it all over again. He's got the full Frankenstein effect: mouth open, arms akimbo, stiff legs.

It's amazing - wonderful - to watch. He's very proud of himself.

Stepping out from Brianna Avery on Vimeo.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sebastian's first birthday!

We celebrated our boy's first birthday with two parties this weekend! On Friday, we had a playgroup party celebrating all of the November babies - Sebbe, Kayleigh, Nathan, and Sonya. (So fun! Imagine the chaos!) On Sunday, Grandma and Grandpa Raab, aunt Trish and uncle Jeff, aunt Mary and cousin Rio Simone came over to open presents and eat birthday cake.

Grandpa and Popo Avery sent the tunnel pictured above - already a favorite - and cousin Danica sent a box of goodies that Sebastian loved opening.

I posted many more pictures in the web albums. Thanks to everyone for Sebbe's gifts!
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Thursday, November 6, 2008

weekend update

So I'm running a few days behind schedule with the blog updates...

We had a wonderful, outdoorsy, family weekend - both Steve and I were home on Friday, a beautiful, sunny, crisp fall day - so we went to Rockefeller State Park. We walked along the Pocantico River, up Eagle Hill, and then up into the pastures of Stone Barns. Sebbe got carried in our backpack, which is by far his favorite means of transportation. We had a family lunch in Irvington, went sliding at the playground, and then while Seb took his afternoon nap we drove up to Wilkens Farm to get some cider, donuts, apples, and pumpkins. Yum. And then on to Jen's house, for a Halloween party with all our baby friends.

Saturday was a sleepier day - naps for everyone, and walking on the OCA trail, and chores.

Sunday was another simply gorgeous day, so we went back to Stone Barns. We walked the trails of the farm for a bit, and Sebastian was utterly fascinated by the geese. He heard them honking, and then watched as they all took off from the pond and made a formation overhead. After that, whenever he heard the sound of geese, he started looking around and up. The courtyard of the cafe and restaurant was just awash in children - mostly under the age of 4 - picnicking, toddling, throwing balls and rolling cars. It was such a fun scene - an impromptu playgroup.

We kept meaning to carve our pumpkin, but the weather and the leaves were just too compelling. Next year. :)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Dragon attack!

Dragon attack! from Brianna Avery on Vimeo.

Monday morning food for thought

This was in the Sunday New York Times:

November 2, 2008
Blackboard | Quoted

The Cosmos and You

FOR his lecture course at Dartmouth last summer, “Astronomy 3: Exploring the Universe,” Prof. Yorke Brown gave a quiz at week’s end. “Any questions?” he asked, just before one on the life cycle of stars. Just one. Johanna Evans, an English major, wanted to know: “How do you keep from despairing at the immensity of space and the smallness of us?” Professor Brown acknowledged that it was “a beautiful and important question,” but, he wondered, could it wait until after the quiz? Here are excerpts from the follow-up e-mail exchange. Subject line: Despair.

MS. EVANS: I guess the hugeness of what we are studying finally caught up with me once we broke out of the basic principles of physics. It was like opening up an unused compartment in my brain, as though one part were used to think about things that concerned my earthly sphere, and this other newly discovered part was meant to — but not ready to — grapple with HUGE realities. I felt as though the impact of my existence is small, compared to something like the impact of a supernova.”

DR. BROWN: Johanna, you are most certainly an infinitesimal in the cold vastness of the cosmos, and yes, you are only one of billions of humans and other creatures who have come before and will come after, and your life is barely a mathematical instant in the span of time. But you are also, just as certainly, a miracle: you are a creature capable of thought, of wonder, of awe. You are a creature capable of recognizing that you are not the center of the Universe. And it is because of that very capacity that you can see in other people the same intrinsic value that you see in yourself. You are capable of love, and so need not despair of insignificance. See you Monday.