Tuesday, May 31, 2016

100,000 miles

Our trusty Honda Civic, 8.5 years old (bought a few months after Sebastian was born, when we realized that our car-free existence was necessarily finished), hit 100,000 miles on the weekend. I'm happy that the odometer turned on the way back from the Oregon coast - what a happy place to make memory. The only sadness is that I missed it, as I was still in Manzanita with Anne, and came back in their car!
The boys returned early to Portland in order to catch a 4 pm Portland Thorns women's soccer game. 
 This is what we were up to in the meantime: ice cream cones and late-day car naps.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Sunday in Manzanita

On Sunday morning we had some frenetic cleaning up - unmaking beds, washing dishes, putting away chairs - while the children camped out in front of the tv and watched Winnie the Pooh - the classic movie. And then we went back to the beach for a last hurrah.

Sebastian's best friend Frances was in town again this year with her family. We met up with them on the beach on Saturday morning and then again on Sunday - purely happenstance, and the kind of serendipity you can get in a small beach town. Seb, Frances, and Henry took on Mark and Steve in a game of beach baseball.
 Meanwhile, Liesl tagged the beach, writing Liesl and mama up and down and everywhere.
Our dragon kite - a gift from Nilsa and Mason - spreading its wings and soaring.
We returned back to the house for a final lunch hour cleanup: take everything out of the fridge, pile it on the table, and command the remaining families to eat everything perishable. Fortunately, we had Cuong, Ed, and Steve to take down the rice and beans and cheese. We locked up and said goodbye to the house for another year. Steve, Cuong, and Seb returned to Portland in our car; Anne, Camille, Liesl and I returned to the beach for a final afternoon of sun and wind and sand and water...

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Saturday at Manzanita

We ate breakfasts - oatmeal, eggs, bacon, yogurt, asparagus - lots of coffee - some people went for morning runs - and then we headed down to the beach. It was too cold for most of us to venture into the water, but Anne is Norwegian to the core, and she splashed into the Pacific with our girls and dunked herself.
We returned to the house for lunches and then spent the afternoon playing yard games - croquet, bocce, frisbee, football, jump rope, and Liesl's favorite, "pretend you're a feral cat who is biting people's bums". Poor Brian, hunted down by small girl children.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Manzanita for Memorial Day!

We rented the Old School House in Manzanita for the second straight year and headed out there on Friday morning with our friends. Not content with last year's craziness, we invited even more families to join the weekend party. We were 28 in all - Anne, Cuong, and Camille; Adrienne, Jeff, and Angelo; Michela, Brian, Ronan, and Filomena; Mary and Rowan; Todd, Elise, Oliver, and Genevieve; Ed, Elizabeth, Naomi, and Julian; and Paula, Matt, Jack, and Iris. Two families slept in pop-up trucks in the driveway. We had a shared Google spreadsheet to plan out the various meals and did an enormous grocery shopping trip together on Wednesday night.

It was great to be back at the house and find it familiar, and just as perfect for our purposes as remembered. The children were all a little older and more independent, which was great. They ran around the house and yard, enjoying the very un-Portland large grassy lawn, and we spent hours at the beach.