Saturday, July 31, 2010


Our lovely and sainted head teacher at daycare, Amanda, suggested that we should try to put Sebastian in underwear starting a couple of weeks ago. Not because he's potty trained. No. But he doesn't seem to be aware when he pees, and despite weeks of sitting on the potty every day, has only once managed to produce anything. So Amanda indicated her willingness to change him out of his wet shorts and underwear multiple times a day in an attempt to move things along. (Like I said, sainted.)

After nearly three weeks of this experiment, both at daycare and at home, we have had mixed results. At daycare, he tries to go every day, but his aim is atrocious (there's apparently a failure to tuck a certain part down) and he ends up spraying his pants, shoes, and the entire bathroom. At home, there has been lots of sitting in the bathroom keeping him company on the potty, but very little result. But he rarely has accidents at daycare - apparently he's very good at holding it until naptime or pickup - and he at least recognizes and will now tell us when he is peeing. He seems to find it more acceptable to have accidents when it's just me, especially when we're playing outside, so I've been carrying around a lot of extra clothes.

He did manage, on one banner occasion, to poop at home in the potty. We really hoped it was a sign of progress, but it wasn't. *sigh* It seems like it'll be a while before he figures this out.

random July photos

My boys watching the World Cup on the computer.

Sebastian reading "It's not a box!" in his blanket cave.

Lining up the cars and trucks. What a lot of traffic!

Reading the newspaper. The Automobiles section, of course.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Welcome Roxana!

We are so delighted to have a new niece/cousin! Congratulations to Carl and Kim, and welcome baby Roxana Lee Avery!!!

Carl's report and photos are on their blog.

Sebastian is very excited about his new baby cousin, and we all can't wait to meet her.

Monday, July 12, 2010


"I think my nails are too long. Mommy, are my nails too long?"

Sebastian says this at least two to three times a week. At least. Your first reaction is probably, "Great!", a child who doesn't scream and squirm away from getting his nails cut! Signs of a toddler boy who cares about appearances!

Except that you'd be wrong, because the nails comment is all about manipulation - of me. You see, he loves the movie Cars, and we are very strict about when he gets to watch it. Basically, almost never. Except that a few months ago, I made him a deal, that he could watch the movie if he let me cut his nails. You can see where this is going...

So now, a few times a week, he makes an elaborate show of examining his nails. He asks me to inspect them, to conclude that they are too long. And only then, once he's snookered me into agreeing that indeed his nails need to be cut, only then does he say, "And let's watch Cars, too!". He always says it in this bright and excited voice, as if it's just occurred to him that nail-cutting and the Cars movie go together. He never makes the mistake of first asking to watch the movie.

It's hysterical. It's his first attempt at manipulation. I love the patience he shows as he goes through the whole elaborate setup. It cracks me up. (I still only cut his nails once a week, though, but apparently hope springs eternal ... or his memory is short.)

food for thought

Everyone I know around here is discussing the New York magazine article referenced in this Motherlode blog post.

I am still working through what I think.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

more excitement than necessary

I managed to get an infection in my finger over the weekend - I have no idea how it happened, as there was no cut or open wound - but the area just beside the nail on my index finger became very painful and swollen. I tried to ignore it, but it just kept getting worse.

So I decided to bite the bullet and go to the doctor this morning. She gave me a local shot of lidocaine and then cut open my finger to let the blood and pus come out. And that was where things went badly. I reacted badly to the lidocaine and started to feel lightheaded. Then I started to get nauseated, and clammy, and even more lightheaded. Then my heart rate dropped (to 52/minute) and my blood pressure dropped (to 72/50). And that's when they decided to call the ambulance. Apparently there's nothing like a pregnant woman to get people's attention.

So an ambulance came, and the cops, and there was a lot of paperwork, and they took me to Phelps Hospital to make sure everything was okay. They especially wanted to check the baby's heart rate, which turned out to be totally normal. And then there was a lot more paperwork. But in the end, my blood pressure recovered and I felt fine - except for the pain of the infected and now cut-up finger, obviously - and they sent me home.

I can't even imagine the bills that my infected finger just generated.

Sebastian was a little scared of all the people bustling around, but I think the joy of following mommy in an ambulance made up for it. "An amamulance! Mommy was in an amamulance!" Of course, we had brought him along to try and show him that the doctor's office wasn't that scary (he's terrified of his doctor), and I'm pretty sure that backfired entirely. Or maybe not! Maybe I can tell him that it's possible that he'll get to ride in an ambulance, if he visits the doctor!