Sunday, May 22, 2011


We are on vacation, in White Rock, British Columbia, at the home of my parents. We flew out last Saturday, the 14th, and will be here until the 31st. Carl and Kim, with Danica and Roxy, arrived yesterday. There have already been more pictures taken than I would have thought possible. :)

Sebastian did wonderfully on the flight out - he wasn't scared at all, and sat very nicely in his seat for the whole flight. We unveiled his surprise present, a portable DVD player (thanks Grandma Raab!), as well as some new movies, and he was in seventh heaven. Liesl had a tougher time. She found it hard to sleep with so many people around and without a crib to lie in, so I ended up putting her in the Baby Bjorn and pacing the airplane aisle for about two hours. I got to know everyone on the plane very well.

We have gone on many short hikes, visited the beach, planted tomatoes in Popo and Grandpa's garden, spent a day in Vancouver, and in general had a wonderful time so far. Steve and I managed to have a date night dinner at a restaurant overlooking the bay and a beautiful sunset. A substantial cohort of the Mahs also came to Vancouver, and we have had two dinners with the whole family. It's been fun to see Sebastian getting to know my cousins' children. We're hoping to fit in a trip to Whistler in the coming week, but we'll see. Overall, we are reminded that family vacations are really terrific - it's great to have extra hands to help with the children.

Danica and Sebastian haven't seen each other in a year, but within 30 seconds of seeing each other they were running around, giggling, and talking a mile a minute. They have been inseparable all day today. They take turns suggesting new games to play, they try to finish each other's sentences, and they chase each other around everywhere. And they talk, incessantly, asking each other questions, telling each other stories. It's amazingly cute.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

sweet tooth (bananas yum num num)

Our girl has a sweet tooth. She loves pears, prunes, apples, strawberries, and most especially bananas. Here she is attacking a banana piece with gusto.

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

moving girl

Liesl has, all of a sudden, become much more mobile and strong and curious. So she wants to move more, to reach things, and she's finding herself more and more able to do so. She has started to scoot herself backward when she's on her tummy, and she's lifting up her bum in the air in preparation for crawling. From a sitting position she can launch herself forward onto her belly, which is extremely frightening to watch. And she's become a grabby girl - nothing is safe around her anymore - she wants to touch and grab everything, and eat it.

Here's her attacking one of Seb's battery-powered trains: