Monday, September 29, 2008

stepping out!

Sebastian took his first steps this weekend! We were all in the kitchen, and Steve was distracting the baby with toys (empty plastic water bottles) and then encouraging him to "come to daddy". Sebbe managed to take one step a couple of times, and then took two steps! (Each episode ended with a lunge forward into daddy-o's arms.) It was great stuff.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

10-month checkup!

We went to see Dr. Jane yesterday. Sebastian, at 10 months, is 32 inches tall and 20 lbs. He's a beanpole! Everything seems totally normal so far.

Yesterday Steve was home with the boy and they spent some time in the park. Steve kept letting go of Sebbe's hands to let him stand by himself - he managed it for a little while, and gave a big grin, as if he knew what he was doing! So exciting.

He's developed a really cute new trick - when he's crawling and wants to get somewhere in a hurry, he tucks his chin down (to stare at the floor instead of straight ahead) and barrels forward. The sprint-crawl. Awesome.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Anabelle's first birthday party

The birthday girl! We had a great time celebrating with Anabelle and her mom and dad - Jennifer and Adrian - as well as the rest of our playgroup.
Jen has posted many many pictures here.
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playing with the garbage, a favorite pursuit.

playing peekaboo under and over the bed with daddy-o.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

at the Hastings music festival

We spent some of Saturday at the Hastings on Hudson "Take me to the River" music festival. They had all kinds of toys for kids, including some drumming toys and boxes. More pics in the gallery.
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Friday, September 12, 2008

Ten months!

Our boy is ten months old now, and it's such a cliche, but time is just flying by. This past month in particular has been very tough for everyone. I returned to work full time, with lots of student appointments as my advisees all returned to campus. Steve has been working on two long briefs, putting in a lot of extra time on nights and weekends. And Sebastian, though he has been a good sport at daycare and with aunt Trish, does seem to be suffering from a little separation anxiety. He has been very clingy during the night when he wakes up - he'll sleep just fine in our arms, but occasionally just doesn't want to be put down in his crib.

Since our time with him has been so limited to mornings (breakfast, getting dressed) and evenings (dinner, bath, bed), we haven't taken nearly as many pictures as I would like. We did manage to get some this past weekend, which I just have to post from the other computer.

In happier news, our busy times at work are both drawing to a close and we are both going to be home with him one day a week, starting next week. I think it'll make things much happier for all.

Sebbe doesn't have any new new tricks - just improvements on the old ones. He still isn't walking without support (to our surprise), although he occasionally lets go while standing. He's getting better and better at feeding himself small bites - bread, cheese, fruit - and he's just about mastered the pincer grip with thumb and index finger. (He doesn't always use that method, of course - sometimes he just mashes his whole palm into his open mouth.) And he's verbalizing a few new sounds, including my personal favorite, mamamamama. He is pretty good at waving goodbye to people, and clapping when he wants to show approval, and giving us high-fives. I've been trying to get across the concept of pointing, but he hasn't made the connection yet.

He's eating a lot - three meals a days - fruit and oatmeal for breakfast, bread, all kinds of vegetables, cheese and yogurt, beans, lentils, chickpeas, fish, chicken, various grains. He's not all that keen on apples, baby rice cereal, or turkey. (The turkey disagreed with his digestive system; the first two he just dislikes.)

I'll post pictures soon -

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Morning glories

I have been meaning to write about the morning glories all summer long - some lovely prescient soul in Dobbs Ferry planted morning glories along the railing of the steps down to the train. Every morning I walk by them and smile at their bright purpleness, their twisting twirling vines. But then of course by the time I arrive at work I've forgotten them, and on my way home they are all closed up.

We ate at a cafe in Ashland Oregon last year called, I think, the Morning Glory. They had a poem by Basho stenciled on the walls:

Breakfast enjoyed
in the fine company of
morning glories

I think of it when I see them. There are many more of his haikus here:

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

first day of daycare!

Sebastian, our big boy, went to his first day of daycare yesterday. He's at a place called Happy Harbor, which is about 2 miles from our home. It's not a place with any particular philosophy as far as I can tell, but I like the people staffing it and I feel comfortable leaving him there.

Steve and I both went to drop him off. We brought in a cribsheet and blanket to make up his bed, diapers and wipes, bottles and food, extra clothes. Sebastian had visited the daycare before, both with me and with aunt Trish. He was at first inclined to hug me and hide his face, but after 5 minutes he started to look around at the other babies and all the toys, and then wanted to get down. After I set him down he crawled off toward the play, and was happy as a clam. (Why are clams so happy? It's not much of a life, eh?)

We decided to leave while the going was good - we both hugged and kissed him, and then waved goodbye. He clapped and smiled at us as we left. So amazing!

I called once to check on him, and got the full update when I picked him up at 5. He ate all his lunch (apparently he ate so much for lunch that the daycare ladies - Alyssa and Courtney - were amazed), and seemed so curious about the other babies' snacks at 3 pm that he was given a jar of fruit that he wolfed down as well. He played, he was happy, he even took a solid nap for an hour and 15 minutes. The only time he cried was in the late afternoon, when he was so clearly tired that they put him down for a nap. Then he stood up, held onto the bars of the baby jail (aka the crib), and jumped up and down while screaming. So they took him out and cuddled him and he was fine (but didn't nap, of course).

He was pretty happy to see me - I got a big hug and a big sigh of happiness - but very tired from all the stimulation. I fed him as soon as we got home, gave him a bath, and into bed at 6:30.

Tomorrow is his second day, and I'm hoping it's as charmed as the first!