Monday, April 25, 2016

weekend baking... and hail!

Steve and I made blueberry pancakes on Saturday morning, and Liesl and I baked an apple cake on Sunday. Yum.
And then, just to shake things up and make us all remember that it's April in Portland, it hailed. Not too big, but a lot of them. The kids were thrilled. They ran out in it and tried to go sledding.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

preschool "endeavors": cooking and gardening

Liesl's preschool is embarking on a new project - last time she was part of a group that created a giant mural - this time her group will be gardening and cooking. Here they are getting started with drawing chives and strawberry plants.

Liesl and some preschool friends also got very interested in making musical instruments and becoming a band. Liesl made a key-tar, a cross between a guitar and a piano.
Here's the final mural that the children painted:
Liesl's lighthouse, with two girls.

poor lost bunny Foofoo

In a scene straight out of Mo Willems' Knuffle Bunny, Liesl lost her Bunny Foofoo last Saturday. I was out hiking with my friends all day, and Steve and the kids had an epic foodie adventure plus two sporting events. They went to the PSU farmers market for produce, stopped by a new place for ice cream cones, ate pizza and hot dogs for lunch, visited a bakery, spent an hour at one field for a soccer game and at another school field for baseball, and we ended up at the Hoangs for an hour before dinner ...

At bedtime it became clear that Bunny Foofoo was not in the house, the farmers market bags, the garage, the car... everyone remembered that she'd been out and about during various parts of the day, but there was no agreement about where she'd last been spotted. Liesl cried herself to sleep.

On Sunday morning, we set out in search of her, revisiting all the same spots and asking all of the counter staff if they'd seen a small beige bunny. We combed the farmers market park blocks and all the grasses and bushes of the baseball field. No bunny. I called the farmers market staff and PSU's lost and found. No bunny.  I just couldn't believe it - couldn't believe that I'd been gone for a day and Baby Foofoo was lost. I was so upset - Liesl's baby, truly a part of our family, in all of our family photos for years. We've temporarily misplaced her so many times - at friends' houses, at the Children's Museum (clay studio), at the library (on the shelves), at the farmers market (under a tree), at New Seasons (milk case) - but I always remembered where Liesl had been and was able to locate her. This felt different.

It was a tough week - Liesl was sad and had trouble falling asleep at night. Yesterday morning, we went back to the farmers market for our weekly shop and then headed over to the Central Library. Steve decided to run over to the Pine St. Market, the same place that they'd gotten pizza and hot dogs the previous week, to just ask one more time in person if anyone had seen a bunny lovey. He asked the counter person who said no - there wasn't space for a lost and found there - but then said he'd check in with the cleaning crew.

And lo and behold, Bunny Foofoo was there!!!!! Found!!!! Seriously, we couldn't believe it. I am so happy. Liesl is so happy. It's the best happy ending ever. I love that the market cleaning crew found a stuffed bunny and kept her safe for a week for us. I love that Bunny Foofoo has nine lives.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Cannon Beach day

We've been having a run of unseasonably hot April weather, so we decided to escape Portland and head to Cannon Beach, where it was cool and breezy and gorgeous. Our first beach day of 2016! We had a great day: sand castles, jumping waves, throwing frisbees, flying the kite, running down the dunes - coffee from Insomnia, lunch at Tom's fish and chips, and a stop for salt water taffy - and a short hike at Ecola State Park to finish out the day.

Monday, April 18, 2016

FPE fun run for the arts!

Sebastian's school had their annual Fun Run for the Arts on Friday - our boy ran 22 laps in 30 minutes - about 3.5 miles. He kept going the whole time, nice and steady, and didn't even seem particularly fatigued at the end. We were pretty impressed and proud.
 Hanging out with Nathan in the pre-run warmup.
 Calling out lap numbers to me as he runs by.
22 laps!! So awesome.