Hikes in Oregon

Columbia River Gorge:
Elowah Falls - 1.8 miles out and back
Wahclella Falls- 2 miles out and back
Latourelle Falls - 2.4 mile loop, with waterfalls at bottom and top
Horsetail Falls to Oneonta Falls to Triple Falls: 3-5 miles
Wahkeena Falls to Fairy Falls
Rowena Crest in Tom McCall Preserve - wildflowers; poison oak
Dry Creek Falls - 4 miles roundtrip - lovely easy hike, good w kids, nice falls
Angel's Rest - 5 miles roundtrip - steep, great views from top
Munra Point - 6 miles, steep, with scrambles; amazing view
Silver Star Mountain - 6 miles, steady uphill climb; beautiful flowers and views
Dog Mountain - 7 miles; very steep; amazing wildflowers in May
Dalles Mountain Ranch loop - 7 miles; unbelievable wildflowers in April
Herman Creek Pinnacles - 5-8 miles; pinnacles?? underwhelming
Hamilton Mtn - 8 miles
Catherine Creek/Coyote Wall - 8 miles - snakes, very exposed to sun
Eagle Creek/Tunnel Falls - 12 miles, a dozen waterfalls, man-made tunnel and steep dropoffs; 5 miles to Punchbowl Falls

to do: Larch Mountain, Mt. Defiance; Indian Point; Falls Creek Falls; Table Mountain

Mt. Hood:
Trillium Lake: nice picnic spot; 2-mile flat loop around lake
Mirror Lake: 3 mile round trip to lovely mountain lake
Twin Lakes: snowshoed it and it was gorgeous - nice lakes for summer dips - 4 miles
Tamanawas Falls: 3.5 miles, unbelievably pretty, esp in snow
Umbrella Falls: 4.5 mile round trip to pretty little waterfall and view of Hood
Salmon River trail - variable length along a great river and an old-growth forest
McNeil Point: 5 miles to great view of Mt. Hood; 9 miles to the Point
Ramona Falls: 7 miles; easy, flat hike to amazing waterfall
Cooper Spur hike: 7-8 miles; amazing hike to really high on Hood
Salmon Butte: 12-13 miles; gradual uphill to panoramic view of five mountains
McNeil Point: 10.6 miles to the point! Amazing views
Paradise Park: 12-13 miles

to do:
Elk Meadows
Elk Cove from Vista Ridge
Burnt Lake
Boulder Ridge 6-10 miles in Wildwood Rec Area

the Coast:
Neahkanie Mountain in Manzanita - 3.5 miles round trip
Saddle Mountain -  5 miles - gorgeous wildflowers in spring
Cascade Head - 4 miles to gorgeous views of beach
Ecola State Park - in Cannon Beach; hikes of varying lengths
Oswald West State Park - south of Cannon Beach

to do:
Drift Creek Falls - near Lincoln City
Cape Falcon - 5 miles
Cape Lookout - 5 miles 

Tumalo Mountain (snowshoe)
Misery Ridge trail (4 miles) in Smith Rock State park; super fun
Black Butte (4 miles straight up a cinder cone volcano - incredible views)
Waterfalls Trail along McKenzie River - Koosah and Sahalie Falls (1-3 miles)

to do: Proxy Falls

Mount St. Helens:
Silver Star mountain: 6 miles out and back - gorgeous, steep hike
Mt St. Helens summit!: 10 miles straight up
Ape Canyon: 11 miles through old-growth forest

Silver Falls State Park - 8 miles, 10 waterfalls
Wilson River trails - Elk Creek, Kings Mountain - 20 miles in total
Clackamas River trail hike - 7.8 miles, with car shuttle

Bike trails:
Banks - Vernonia trail (20 miles)
Springwater Corridor
Old Columbia River Highway - in Gorge

Snowshoeing hikes:
Trillium Lake - 5 miles
Twin Lakes - 5 miles, easy grade and pretty forest
Mirror Lake - 4 miles

to do:
Boy Scout Ridge
old Salmon River trail

Hikes still to do:  
Lewis River Trail: 6.5 miles, lots of waterfalls; far from PDX
Siouxon Creek: varying lengths (4-9 miles), but with river crossings
Burnt Lake to Zig Zag mountain: 6.6 - 9.6 miles; wildflowers in June
Opal Creek - Opal Falls - Cedar Flats
Broken Top
South Sister
Falls Creek Falls: 6 miles, in WA
Indian Heaven Wilderness: Lemei Rock
Gorton Creek Falls: 1.2 miles, with a scramble
Mount Mitchell-Cottonwood Meadows - 5-10 miles
Klickitat Rail trail, near Lyle WA

* Indian Point
* Deschutes River Trail (in the winter / early spring only)
* Lava Canyon
* Lookout Mountain
* Fifteenmile Creek
* Little North Santiam River
* Jefferson Park
* Coffin Mountain

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