Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Sebastian has learned how to scribble, and is really really enjoying it.

The first material that really made sense to him was chalk, and so for the last three weeks he's been marking up sidewalks like nobody's business. I keep a box in the stroller, and he'll often reach for it when we're out together and start scritching on the pavement.

Last weekend at Stone Barns and the playground he started using stones and sticks to scratch in the dirt.

And finally, just this week, he's gotten the hang of crayons. For the longest time he just ate them. But now he gets that he's supposed to scribble, and he thinks it's fun. The only problem is that he most likes to scribble on the floors. So we've got crayon (brown, purple, and blue) all over the living room hardwood. I assume it's washable, but haven't yet tried. (Denial? Or just laziness?)

mama? or more?

Sebastian has finally started saying something that sounds like mama, but I don't actually think he means me. Or, he sort of does, but he appears to be conflating "mama" and "more" and "I want that". At any rate, he says mamamama when he wants something specific, immediately. A tantrum is usually close behind.

Given that he says dada whenever he's curious or excited about something, or just to express general happiness, I'm feeling a little bit like I got the short end of the stick.

Monday, April 27, 2009

I love Daddy!

Sebastian has a serious case of daddy-worship. He just wants to do everything that daddy does. On Saturday we went to Stone Barns and walked around the park, and Sebastian copied everything that Steve did. Running up hills; running down hills; picking up sticks; drawing with sticks in dirt; banging sticks on stones; throwing stones in streams; etc. Very cute.
Running down the hill - wheeeee!!
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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ice cream! the Botanical Garden! spring!!!!

We had a wonderful spring weekend here. Steve and Sebbe spent Saturday morning looking at the newborn lambs and piglets at Stone Barns. We then drove up to Beacon for lunch and some exploring. (We'd been to Beacon before, for the contemporary art museum Dia: Beacon, but hadn't spent any time in town. It's a strange mix of yuppie/hippie young families and vaguely threatening semi-hoodlums. Steve says: I think I interrupted a drug deal on the side street.) Anyhoo, ate lunch at this cute cafe with a garden out back. On the way home we stopped at Rockefeller Preserve and went for a little hike with Seb in the backpack. We finished off the day with a stop in Tarrytown, where we had a whole family ice cream extravaganza. Last time Sebastian tried ice cream he didn't like it. This time, we gave him strawberry, and he loved it. Loved it. We can't wait to go back for more.

Today started out a little greyer but became sunny as the day wore on. We went to the local Dobbs playground in the morning - slid down the slides, played the bells, played hide and seek/tag, and ran up and down the little hill. After lunch and nap, we went to the NY Botanical Garden. It was gorgeous - spring flowers blooming everywhere. At first Sebastian was a little shy of the grass and flowers, but he rapidly warmed up and by the end was grabbing magnolias. He also discovered robins. Twice he found one and was just amazed by it - kept following the robin around and pointing it out to me. For ten minutes, which is sort of an eternity in his world. He became a little upset when the robin finally flew up into the tree boughs (isn't that cheating!?) For a special treat, at the very end we rode the tram all around the garden. Sebbe thought that was the best thing of all.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter egg hunting!

We went out to Greenlawn to celebrate Easter Sunday with Steve's family. We decided to try setting Sebastian up for an Easter egg hunt. (We didn't know if he'd "get" the idea.) So we carefully hid the plastic eggs in plain sight, and then gave him a basket and walked around with him pointing them out and putting them in the basket. We applauded every time he put one in. He totally got it. He loved it. We hid eggs and found them and hid them and found them 6 or 7 times. We were able to hide the eggs under pillows and inside cabinets by the end, and he was really enthusiastic about it.
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Monday, April 13, 2009

Welcome new babies!

Two good friends just had April babies!

Britta and Sam welcomed their second son into the world - yay for boys!
And Leila and Alan have a beautiful little girl, Sabrina.

Can't wait to meet them.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

awful haircut

Steve took Sebastian for a haircut yesterday, and despite emphasizing to the woman that "mama loves the curls", she cut them all off and shaved his neckline. I cried when I came home and saw my shorn boy. I know, I know, it'll grow back. But I miss those soft curls.
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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

new home!

I've been very silent of late, as Steve and I have been trying to find a new apartment and dealing with some stresses in the old. Our current place is too small - and, to be honest, it has problems tied to its age that we are finding increasingly annoying. Old pipes, old paint, noisy radiators, inconsistent heat. And the final straw is that in the last month or so, our next-door neighbor has started chain-smoking. We can smell it all through our kitchen and living room. We were so upset about the idea of Sebbe sleeping with the smoke that we moved his crib into our bedroom, but now our sleep is very disturbed. It's hard to let him cry it out when he's 2 feet away and staring at you.

However, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel! We signed a lease last night for a new apartment, on Main Street in Irvington (5 minutes north). It's very large, with 2 bedrooms - new construction, windows on 3 sides, a spacious kitchen, lots of closets, washer-dryer, central air, and walking distance to the train. We're very excited. We move May 15th.