Sunday, December 31, 2017

family photos

fairy houses

In Redwood Park near my parents' house in Surrey, there are a hundred or so painted birdhouses clustered in the forest as a fairy garden. It's a sweet and magical sight. Mom and Dad got four birdhouses for the four grandchildren, each of them a different shape and pattern, and we had a painting party.
Everyone's houses turned out beautifully, and on a sadly cold and rainy day, we took them to the forest to add to the fairy collection.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

scenes from Christmas week

Some photos of our adventures and games together -
Walking through Bell Park in the early dusk, singing Christmas carols together. We made it through the entire 12 Days of Christmas!
Jasper liked to curl up amongst the children and be used as a pillow, or get his nose into a book. He did really well in the strange house with all the people and chaos. He was friendly to everyone and curious about everything and mostly minded his manners in terms of dinner-table begging and staying down (off people and off the furniture).
We went for a couple of long runs and walks together on a lovely forested trail that was near the rented house.

Dad brought some old favorite board games to play - Battleship, Racko, Score Four, Spill and Spell. The kids loved playing Battleship - in this game, it was Dani and Liesl vs. Seb and me, and the two girls were giggling like made every time we missed.
Walking along the cold boardwalk at Campbell River park, feeding the chickadees.
Christmas dinner: 10 Cornish hens!!!
Mom made the dough for Christmas cookies, both gingerbread and butter cookies, and we had fun rolling, cutting, and then frosting them.
It's the fate of all dogs owned by small children to eventually get dressed up in skirts and headbands...
We went to dimsum in Richmond at a fabulous place called Chef Tony's - it was delicious.
After dimsum, we went to the UBC museum of anthropology to see the indigenous art and craftwork.
Dimsum plus museum plus a drive in the minivan = four sleeping children plus one sleeping puppy.

May and Ken gave us a new game for Christmas - Happy Salmon! - it was really loud and chaotic and fun, and we played over and over.

Friday, December 29, 2017

ice skating

We went skating at Centennial Rink in White Rock - ice skating in Canada is very different than going in Portland/Sacramento! Mostly, I notice that Carl and I are not particularly good skaters in a Canadian context, whereas we stand out in our local communities for our mad skills. :)  But it's also that helmets are mandatory and free, that the skates are lace-up figure and hockey skates, and that they let small children use chairs to push themselves around the rink. It felt very familiar.