Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Riverhouse and family dinner

We spent Monday at the Raab's riverhouse, 20 minutes away from the bayfront houses they've rented for the week. Sebastian and Steve did some kayaking, and we went out in the boat for a spin around the river inlet - Liesl tried out fishing and driving the boat (thanks uncle Joe!), and loved it.
It was pretty hot and humid out there, and the children were melting, so we returned to our houses and jumped in the swimming pool, which felt amazingly cool.
In the evening, Mom Raab had hired a private chef to come in and cook dinner for us. Paul made a lovely spread of salami and cheeses, ricotta and tomatoes on baguette, salmon toast, cannellini toast, prosciutto-wrapped asparagus, and other appetizers, and then served a mesclun salad and a sausage, mushroom, asparagus risotto. It was delicious. We all decided to get dressed up for the occasion and I suggested a family photo, which turned out excellently well.
After dinner, Paul played the guitar and sang to us - he was apparently of some fame in the 1970s, which meant very little to us. But we danced and enjoyed ourselves - a lovely evening.

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