Monday, July 3, 2017

Mets game!

On Friday night we went to see a NY Mets baseball game at Citi field - it was a gorgeous night to be outside, the Mets star pitcher was up, and we were excited to see the fantastic new stadium. Sebastian was vibrating with anticipation - so sweet. Originally, just Steve and Seb were going to go together, so we bought two fabulous tickets 13 rows behind the Mets dugout along the first base line. But then Liesl decided she wanted to go as well, which was great, but the next two tickets we bought were the super cheapies in the highest deck. :)
The view from the boys' seats and then from ours. (We switched seats midway through the game so Liesl could also see from close-up, but her interest was clearly the experience of being at the game and eating popcorn and participating in chants and cheers, and not so much the close observation of every pitch and hit.) 

My new camera has such an impressive zoom lens - from our seats, across the stadium in the upper deck, I could capture these shots of Steve and Sebastian in their seats.

The close-up of Mets pitcher de Grom, and then the zoom photo in the other direction, this time of Steve and Liesl way up high. The Mets do a kiss cam during one break, where they show couples on the big screen and the couples are expected to kiss each other - Liesl apparently got so excited by it and kissed Steve 20 times. :)

Liesl's giant popcorn. She carried it around all night and only managed to eat half of it, but she was so happy to have it and munch away. We left in the 8th inning - Mets won 2-1 - a great game. 

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