Saturday, July 8, 2017

beach town playtime

We have had a good week of classic beach fun - playing in the sand and waves and swimming in our pool, mini-golfing (twice!), racing go-karts, playing arcade games and air hockey, eating ice cream and fish and chips and fried clams and crab, watching fireworks, and hanging out as a family. I love watching my kids get to know their east coast cousins.

We stayed up late to watch fireworks over Ocean City, MD.
On Wednesday, Steve and I took the three older kids mini-golfing and go-kart racing. (I won!)
Steve and I went for a gorgeous early-evening walk on the beach together - the heat and humidity had receded somewhat and it was lovely out - so good to walk and talk and hold hands together, with the ocean crashing next to us. Steve felt so inspired by the waves and memories of childhood adventures in coastal Delaware that he took off his shirt and dived into the ocean.

On Thursday morning it was raining, so we packed up all five kids and went to an indoor maze and arcade game place. It wasn't much to look at, but the kids all loved it and we stayed for a few hours. They played air hockey and racing/driving games and bowled and played in the maze together. Sebastian and Liesl were both really sweet at helping Rylan and Joseph climb up some of the bigger steps, boosting Rylan up and over.
Sebastian was terrible at this driving game the first time he played - crashed everywhere and came in dead last. But he was persistent and got better and better, and by the end (many many tokens later... thanks Grandpa!) he was second or third in the game. I loved seeing him stick with something he wasn't initially good at, and improve.
Air hockey! Rio played Seb, and Seb played me, and I played Liesl, and it was great fun.
We had lunch at an outdoor, sand-floored crab shack - terrific scallops, fish and chips, fried clams and crabs - and then I took the three older kids mini-golfing at a really cool place.
We had chalk and the kids (and Joe!) had a super fun collaborative decorating effort.

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