Sunday, July 9, 2017

beach morning

On Friday morning, Sebastian and I headed to the beach at 6:30, before everyone was awake. It was beautiful and deserted at the beach and we walked and ran and watched the sun rise. (And chased seagulls, of course!)
At 7:30, we drove back to the houses and picked up Steve and Liesl, and then the four of us ran around and into the ocean. Seb and I played catch and played with paddleballs while Steve and Liesl dunked themselves into the waves together.
Mary and Joe and their boys arrived a little later and we all enjoyed the surf - Joe took turns throwing all the children up into the air, the kids jumped waves, Seb made up a game with a ball and a racquet and the waves (amazingly, didn't lose the ball!) --- classic beach play. It was a gorgeous morning.

By 10, we were done, and we got donuts and headed back home for brunch and showers and the pool. A perfect final morning in Delaware.

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