Friday, June 16, 2017

last day of school/first day of summer

Thursday marked the last day of 3rd grade and kindergarten for these two sweet children. They've grown so much and learned so much since September. Liesl had a wonderful first year of school - a cadre of good friends, a sweet and lovely teacher, happy experiences - she's sad that it's summertime and she won't get to be with her friends every day. Sebastian's experience is, as usual, more mixed. He had difficulties with friends at various points in the year - unhappiness at lunch recess and after school, moments when he behaved badly or should have been a better friend (in my opinion), and moments when others were mean-spirited or unreasonable. It seemed to be a volatile year, with a lot of strong feelings and strong personalities in the mix, and a collective lack of understanding other's perspectives and treating each other with compassion. I would hope they would grow and mature together and learn to be more kind in their words and actions, but I don't know --
On Friday, our first day of summer together, it was kind of cold and rainy. We needed to pick up a rental car downtown and I had a work meeting, but we made time for a pastry stop at Little Red's bakeshop.

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