Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter egg hunting and brunch

The children were delighted to find chocolates at their breakfast places - they opened up Easter cards from aunt Adele, ate some bagels and berries, and then had a first, indoor Easter egg hunt.
The Hoangs arrived at 10 and we headed over to the school gardens and playground for the "real" egg hunt. I love the excitement in their faces as they're gearing up for it. Sebastian was sadly feeling ill all day - a low grade fever, lack of appetite and energy - but rallied enough to participate.
 And then we came back home and the children opened up their eggs and compared their loot.
We had roast leg of lamb, sweet potatoes, baked eggs with spinach and mushrooms, Anne's homemade challah, asparagus, and a lettuce salad with blueberries, radishes, and fennel. Everything was delicious, we all ate far too much, and it was delightful to spend the meal talking and laughing together. We walked down to the pond after lunch and then back to the playground, and then back home to eat dessert: blueberry rhubarb pie and carrot cake, with whipped cream.
Happy Easter, all!

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